Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hello Stranger

Wow, I swear I posted in early October! Sorry!

Things have been very busy, school started, then it was my little princess's 4th birthday in mid-October. That involved 2 visits to Disneyland and a big party. I fell off the wagon. Early October I hit 202.4, and rose back up to 206.4. I've been fighting to get it back off. Its very hard to slip and get back on the ball. I'm back down to 204, and with 12 days before our trip I'm feeling discouraged that I won't meet my trip goal. I am happy with the way my clothes are fitting, and happier with the way photos are looking (from the neck up!). I'm heading to the market today, and I'm going to stock my fridge and cupboards with healthy foods. We had left over kettle chips from the birthday party that are going in the trash, I just love them too much and can't stay away from them.

I've gotta get back on this. What makes me happy is even with gaining, I know I can get it back off. I know I can do this, even if its slowed down a bit. If I don't make it by my trip, I don't make it by my trip. I'm still going to get there eventually!

And, I made it through Halloween without eating any candy! Yay me! :)