Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hello Stranger

Wow, I swear I posted in early October! Sorry!

Things have been very busy, school started, then it was my little princess's 4th birthday in mid-October. That involved 2 visits to Disneyland and a big party. I fell off the wagon. Early October I hit 202.4, and rose back up to 206.4. I've been fighting to get it back off. Its very hard to slip and get back on the ball. I'm back down to 204, and with 12 days before our trip I'm feeling discouraged that I won't meet my trip goal. I am happy with the way my clothes are fitting, and happier with the way photos are looking (from the neck up!). I'm heading to the market today, and I'm going to stock my fridge and cupboards with healthy foods. We had left over kettle chips from the birthday party that are going in the trash, I just love them too much and can't stay away from them.

I've gotta get back on this. What makes me happy is even with gaining, I know I can get it back off. I know I can do this, even if its slowed down a bit. If I don't make it by my trip, I don't make it by my trip. I'm still going to get there eventually!

And, I made it through Halloween without eating any candy! Yay me! :)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Weekly Weigh In!

Hello there! I weighed in today, so thought I would update.

208.2 13lbs GONE

This week was hard for me. I had been craving junk food BIG time. I wanted fast food, pizza, nachos...all the bad stuff!!! And I was HUNGRY. I hate feeling hungry. But, that said, I clearly did ok! A little over a pound lost, and I'm very happy about that! Only 8.4lbs from my first goal, 10% lost (or 21lbs). I know 10% is huge for increasing health, and that is my ultimate goal here. I don't have any desire to be "skinny", I'm not built for that. I do want to be healthy, though.

The disadvantage to losing over 10lbs? I Lost 80 calories a day in my budget ;). That's ok...its worth it to get healthy!!! Just gotta keep working on slowly shrinking my intake so I'm not super hungry all the time. I'm hoping that by shrinking a little bit a day, I'll also shrink my stomach without really feeling hungry. That's my hope, at least!!!

Friday, August 31, 2012


Bad blogger...bad!
I'm happy to announce that while I've sucked at blogging, I'm still rocking the weight loss! I weighed in this morning...

209.4  That's 11.8 lbs GONE!!! (read that in a singsong voice...that's how I said it in my head when typing it)

I am SO proud of myself. My hubby has been cheering me on the whole way, with high fives and "good job, babe!". It helps so much! I'm more than half way to my first goal for our anniversary trip, with 2 1/2 months left to go. I'm not changing that goal...there are birthday parties coming up, and if I have a setback I'm not going to kick myself...I will still be happy with 20lbs by November.

And, a little Elliptical update. Groupon SUCKS. They never shipped my elliptical, even though they promised it had shipped and would be here any day for 2 weeks. They finally issued a refund after I filed a BBB complaint and threatened to dispute my credit card bill. It is so RIDICULOUS it had to get to that point for them to give me my money back!!! So, I'm back to shopping around for a good deal. I hurt my foot while cleaning (I know...only me!) and am in a protective shoe, so I can't really exercise right now anyways. Silver lining right?

I have been struggling a bit with boredom on my food, but seeing those results on the scale this morning gave me some renewed enthusiasm! I was eating honey wheat pretzels every day with my lunch. I did switch those up! I don't trust myself with chips I have to count or measure, so I got prepackaged single serving bags of baked chips. They are each under 140 calories. They may be small, but they cured that crunchy, salty, cheesy chip craving I was having!!!

I'm also in LOVE with ghirardelli chocolate squares. They are about 60 calories per square, but they are absolute rich chocolatey heaven in each square!!! I don't eat on every day, but I do enjoy them at least once a week!

My biggest indulgence is my coffee creamer...seriously. I live for Coffeemate Coconut Creme creamer! I have at least 70 calories worth of that stuff a day, but it is my little escape. It is the perfect summer creamer! And...I can't live without my coffee, so I make adjustments where needed ;)

So, that's where I am today. I'll try not to slack anymore, but I'm planning the princess's 4th (WHAT? How is she going to be 4?!) birthday party, and that's keeping me pretty busy!!! I'll be back sometime next week.

Monday, August 20, 2012


Got back from my trip late last Monday. I weighed myself on Tuesday, and was up 2lbs to 216. I wasn't surprised, I wasn't going to spend my whole vacation searching for somewhere in this small mountain community that served healthy food. I ate healthy at camp, got what I wanted when we went out, and splurged on dessert twice. The difference between this time and every other time I've gained is I KNEW I could get it back off. I didn't feel discouraged, or like I failed. I got back on track and got back to work. So, I also moved weigh ins to Monday, since that gave me a week to work, instead of 1 day. So, here is the update from this week:


That is 8.6lbs gone, and I'm already seeing a difference in the way some of my clothes fit!!!

I went back to my first blog post last year, and here is a refresher of my stats from October 27, 2011
waist? 42"
mid-thigh? 23 1/2"
calf? 16"
upper arm? 14 1/2"

I'm so super happy that I'm below that weight!!! I decided to remeasure myself we go!
Waist: 41"  That's one inch down!!!

Mid-thigh: 22" HOLY COW!
Calf: 15 3/4"  A loss is a loss!!!
Upper arm: 14" This one I was most worried about...Its one of my most self consious places!!!

I'm very happy with the results so far, and am motivated to keep working. My elliptical still hasn't arrived, so I'm seeing this progress without exercise. I can't wait to see what exercise does for me...especially the measurements part!!!

So, a food update:
Still addicted to wraps made with laughing cow cheese. These are an absolute staple!
I've also found a delicious snack made with a wrap, Chocolate PB2, and a banana. It is a super yummy, sweet treat packed with protein. I LOVE it!

I've been taking an organic precooked brown rice I got at costco, mixing it with some frozen asian veggies and chopped chicken, and drizzling different kinds of asian sauces. It is super yummy and cures my chinese food fix! My favorites are the Panda Express sauces. They are only 30 calories per serving, and one serving is plenty for one of the bowls i make!!!
I'm a dessert junkie, specifically chocolate and ice cream! I've really enjoyed the healthy choice premium fudge bars. They are super chocolaty and creamy...and absolute craving fixer!!!

I can't wait for cooler weather. I love soup, and I've found some healthy soup recipes I can't wait to try!!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Quick weigh in!

Sorry for the quiet this week. We have a camping trip starting tomorrow, so I've been busy!
Despite that (and having pizza this week!) I still have the following weight to post:

Thats -2.8 from last week! I'll take it!

Today, I haven't had much to eat. I had dental work done and my teeth are sore! I had some brown rice for lunch. I know that next week won't have as impressive of results since camping food isn't always as healthy, but hoping for no gain! We'll see! See ya next week!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

One week down!!!

I did it! I lasted a full week, including a meal at the zoo yesterday! Grilled chicken sandwich with a salad instead of fries. They didn't have any light dressing, so I put a tiny bit of ranch (about a teaspoon) on it. Shocker...a salad doesn't need a ton of dressing ;). I love when I test myself and find I enjoy something. Next on that list is fish. I know how healthy it is, but I'm not usually a fan. I'm going to keep trying, though!
I woke up this morning, and decided to weigh in right away. I've weighed myself 3x since then because I didn't believe it...thought the scale was wrong or something
I can't believe I lost 4.2 lbs in a week! I know about a pound is accounted for in the difference in time of day  and some *ahem* bloat. I'm finding myself feeling more motivated every day. I didn't even want the usual burger at the zoo yesterday...I was perfectly happy with the chicken sandwich! There are some things I miss, but I know that once I hit my goal weight I'll be able to have those things in moderation...but during the loss stage I'm trying to avoid that slippery slope.

So there you have it...success! Here is to another successful week!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Step one...

My first step (while waiting for my elliptical to ship), has been working on what I eat and drink. I've been successful for a full week now keeping below my calories allowed...this is huge for me! I've been very strict at measuring everything I eat, which helps me know exactly how much I'm eating, and what calories I'm consuming. I didn't weigh myself until last Wednesday afternoon, so I'm waiting (impatiently!) to reweigh myself this Wednesday. I'll be weighing in and posting my weight every Wednesday. I'm hoping to see some results. My goal is reasonable, in my humble opinion! I'm hoping to lose 1-2 lbs a week. I'll be super excited if I lose more, but I want to keep it real. This isn't the Biggest Loser, this is real life!!! I really want to be in the 190s before our trip in November, so here's to keeping to my food goals!

Some of my favorite meals, since I like to share :)
Tuna Pitas with lettuce, pickles, and onions
Flatout Pizza
Turkey Pita, bagel, or Wrap
Cinnabon Cream of Wheat

I'm hoping to make some homemade turkey burger patties this week to make with the pitas. I'm trying to limit my bread consumption. I've found Alternative Bagels and Alternative Pitas made by Western Bagel. Oh my word they are delicious!!! I eat them AT LEAST once a day! I love sandwiches, and these allow me to continue to eat them without all the crazy calories!
I'm working on learning more exciting meals than sandwiches, wraps, and pitas. I've found a bunch of soup recipes, but its too hot for that now!

A couple fun things I've found, that are super delicious and not high in calories is yogurt salad dressings and, well, YOGURT. My mid-day sweet tooth is killer, so I grab a yoplait and I'm happy! The salad dressings are super yummy, and I use them on my wraps to add a little extra flavor.

So, that's where I'm at now! Keeping my chin up, enjoying not feeling bogged down from all the fatty foods, and keeping myself motivated and accountable!