Friday, August 31, 2012


Bad blogger...bad!
I'm happy to announce that while I've sucked at blogging, I'm still rocking the weight loss! I weighed in this morning...

209.4  That's 11.8 lbs GONE!!! (read that in a singsong voice...that's how I said it in my head when typing it)

I am SO proud of myself. My hubby has been cheering me on the whole way, with high fives and "good job, babe!". It helps so much! I'm more than half way to my first goal for our anniversary trip, with 2 1/2 months left to go. I'm not changing that goal...there are birthday parties coming up, and if I have a setback I'm not going to kick myself...I will still be happy with 20lbs by November.

And, a little Elliptical update. Groupon SUCKS. They never shipped my elliptical, even though they promised it had shipped and would be here any day for 2 weeks. They finally issued a refund after I filed a BBB complaint and threatened to dispute my credit card bill. It is so RIDICULOUS it had to get to that point for them to give me my money back!!! So, I'm back to shopping around for a good deal. I hurt my foot while cleaning (I know...only me!) and am in a protective shoe, so I can't really exercise right now anyways. Silver lining right?

I have been struggling a bit with boredom on my food, but seeing those results on the scale this morning gave me some renewed enthusiasm! I was eating honey wheat pretzels every day with my lunch. I did switch those up! I don't trust myself with chips I have to count or measure, so I got prepackaged single serving bags of baked chips. They are each under 140 calories. They may be small, but they cured that crunchy, salty, cheesy chip craving I was having!!!

I'm also in LOVE with ghirardelli chocolate squares. They are about 60 calories per square, but they are absolute rich chocolatey heaven in each square!!! I don't eat on every day, but I do enjoy them at least once a week!

My biggest indulgence is my coffee creamer...seriously. I live for Coffeemate Coconut Creme creamer! I have at least 70 calories worth of that stuff a day, but it is my little escape. It is the perfect summer creamer! And...I can't live without my coffee, so I make adjustments where needed ;)

So, that's where I am today. I'll try not to slack anymore, but I'm planning the princess's 4th (WHAT? How is she going to be 4?!) birthday party, and that's keeping me pretty busy!!! I'll be back sometime next week.

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